trying out jekyll

10 Nov 2010 - Fairbanks

Never content staying with the software I’ve setup already (radiant, wagn, usemod) I keep exploring new methods of shoving what little content I produce out. Jekyll caught my eye a while ago when GitHub started using it to produce your GitHub account websites.

  • markdown/textile agnostic
  • no database back end to setup or maintain (git repo)
  • whole structure stored as easy to edit (in vim) text files

Markdown vs. Textile still causes me headaches. I really need to just pick one and stick with it so I don’t have to Google today’s cheat sheet every time I use them.

To get as far as you see here I took liberties using mojombo’s github website as a template/tutorial. Making his template work correctly caused me to setup Google Analytics and learn about the neat typekit fonts thing. Got myself setup with a free account so I can have my silly header font you see above.

This whole exercise began by looking for a git backed wiki. git-wiki appears to do this using a Jekyll back end (causing me to level up my Jekyll).

Now I’m off to see if one of the various git-wiki forks gives me a warm fuzzy. The following two appear to be actively developed but it hard to tell what the difference is (and why they aren’t merging back together again):