html5 and css3

27 Jan 2011 - Fairbanks

I absconded with a friends copy of HTML5 and CSS3 a PragProg book.

I was struck how the very last chapter, very last section of the book, dealing with how to encode video for the web was dealt with. The gist: “this is a difficult topic, so just run this code:”

ffmpeg -i  
  -f webm -vcodec libvpx_vp8 -acodec libvorbis
  -ab 160000 -sameq

tells me: webm is a container format (like matroska) and inside that shove vp8 for video codec and libvorbis for audio

That simple example explained to me what I needed to know and inspired me to abscond with the book for week to yank out other gems of knowledge and evaluate if we needed a copy of this for GINA

  • doctype to use for html5 @<!DOCTYPE html >@
  • these html tags are gone (some of which I’ve been using) @basefont, big, center, font, s, strike, tt, u@
  • presentation elements killed (again, I’ve been using some of these) @align, bgcolor, height, width, valign, hspace, vspace, border@
  • @target@ is depricated on href!? clearly I’m out of the loop
  • New HTML tags to help reduce the div/div/div/div of our websites. silly sample @header, footer, nav, section, artile, aside, meter, progress@

The book is in the mail. .. I’ll come back and add more later as I transition this page to html5.