node.js quick start

15 May 2011 - Fairbanks

I wanted to try out some of substack’s crazy stuff. Here is my quick start guide for node.js (as he instructed me):

git clone
cd node
./configure --prefix=$HOME/usr  && make  && sudo make install
1. I hate having to sudo and trust this stuff
cd /usr/local/
sudo chown -R dayne **/node**
1. now to install the node package manager
curl | sh

At this point I’ve got myself some node fun, with npm to help me install things (like rubygems I guess). Lets try this new capability out by installing substack’s node-browserify

npm install -g browserify

I’m not exactly sure what browserify does yet. SubStack tells me it “bundles all your browser-side javascript so you can require() stuff like you can in node plus you can use npm modules in browser code”. Which I’m sure makes sense once you’ve used it.

SubStack also reported browserify works with dnode and he has a handy ruby dnode gem. Might as well grab substack’s dnode for ruby for ruby, so I can dnode things later (I don’t know what that means yet):

gem install dnode

There we are. I’m all setup to do node, browserify, and dnode. We will have to wait for a later date to have an intelligent post on how to use this stuff.

My ending thought after finishing this whole process up is: node.js needs nvm (an rvm equivalent)

Finishing thoughts: npm install -g jquery-browserify $ = require('jquery-browserify')# after you

jquery-browserify is just jquery packaged up to work with browserify