Atom Editor

Well this last week a pleasant surprise came out. GitHub released their next generation programming editor from beta Atom Editor as open source.

I had pulled down atom as a beta testor a while back but didn’t stop and really try to use it since I typically live in vim in those rare moments I find myself trying to code these days. Google Docs is where I live most of the time these days. Since I last looked their is now a vim keybindings plugin and it worked.

This post was written in Atom and the best thing ever during this is the markdown preview pane.

atom editor markdown preview pane

Now I’ve got a handy preview pane to let me know if I’m remembering my markdown syntax correctly and extra bonus is there is a spell checker built into atom editor that give me the red squiggle of of warning for me. :+1:

Atom editor setup

Install for your platform and then do the following:

  • Atom Menu → Install Shell Commands
  • Gives you two command line apps: atom and apm (tool to install pcakges)
  • Atom Menu → Preferences → Packages → Install Packages
  • Vim Mode Plus
    • apm install vim-mode-plus
  • Zen # distraction free writing
    • apm install zen

Find more cool packages at

This functionality is super handy for the other application I’ve been trying to add to my tool chest a markdown based slideshow tool called Deckset that teknofire showed me recently.


Deckset (OSX only) takes a simple markdown document formatted just right and turns it into a slideshow. Weirdly enough Deckset is magically aware of atom and when open it will create a little preview pane overlay.

Exmple 3 slide Deckset markdown:

# [fit] Welcome Slide


# [fit] Second Slide

## [damnitalex]( time




deckset-example slides

I find myself wondering how much more I could integrate markdown into my work related writing I end up doing.

Perhaps my next proposal I can do in the Atom Editor with Markdown.

Fun times :sparkles: