bio’s for Dayne through time

(2018 current)

Dayne is the founder of Polar GeoData - an IT consulting services focused on technology development, training, and operationalization. Dayne is committed to growing the technology sector in Alaska and also works at and with the University of Alaska Fairbanks to support the development of teachnology learning by students and technology transfer.

(2017 era)

Dayne Broderson is a research and operational IT manager at the University of Alaska Fairbanks Geographic Information Network of Alaska (UAF-GINA). Dayne performs general and technical management, program development, and outreach for GINA. Dayne has a background in Computer Science (B.S in CS from UAF). Dayne manages systems that receive, process, and distribute near real time satellite data, large geospatial map data, and geospatial application services using systems deployed across multiple data centers in Alaska University campuses in addition to systems within other federal and State of Alaska data centers. Dayne supports multiple research projects to build out cyberinfrastructure capacity across all three University of Alaska campuses. Dayne helps researchers and agency partners find solutions to manage, host and distribute data and services for research and operational use by a wide spectrum of general public, research, and operational users a variety of networks and systems in Alaska.

Dayne enjoys hacking on Linux systems and exploring new what new capabilities small system on a chip (SoC) computers, like Raspberry Pis, bring for fun projects at home and for real world applications.

(2013 era)

Dayne performs general and technical management, program development, and outreach for GINA. He manages the Statewide Digital Mapping Initiative (SDMI) technical services, the SDMI ortho mosaic program, and acts as the University’s representative on the SDMI technical advisory committee. Dayne Broderson has a background in computer science, linux hackery, system administration and random Ruby development before he was pulled into the Satellite, Geospatial Information Systems, Aerial Imagery, LiDAR and Project Management side of GINA. Just before Dayne received his BS in Computer Science from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, he was pulled into the satellite data processing world to work at the Alaska SAR Facility, now Alaska Satellite Facility.

Dayne joined GINA in 2003. He now spends his days answering a series of ‘quick questions’ from people across the hallway to across the world while trying to shove geospatial pixels into the right bucket.

(2009 era)

Dayne Broderson is a IT specialist, manager, and researcher with a focus towards goespatial and remote sensing data streams. Dayne has a Bachealor of Science in Computer Science. Dayne is the technical services manager for the Goegraphic Information Network of Alaska (GINA) at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. In this role Dayne has lead and managed the mapping and remote sensing efforts of alaska.

In 2009 I was promoted to Technical Services Manager at GINA. In this position, I serve as the principal investigator and co-investigator on multiple grant-funded projects. Additionally, I have hired, trained, supervised, and mentored a team of 10-12 developers, system administrators, and GIS professionals. I have lead the growth of GINA IT from a small multi-rack operation in a single datacenter managed by a single system administrator into a complex multi-site, multi-partner system that relies on the coordination and collaboration of numerous groups from within the University and from federal and state agency partners. Our project partners include the National Science Foundation, NOAA, NASA, the Alaska Energy Authority, the Alaska Department of Natural Resources, and Quantum Spatial.