I need a bio for various things when I’m attending conferences or writing proposals. Rather than re-writing it over and over I’m collecting them here. As everything related to life this is considered a work-in-progress AKA a draft I hope to continue revising as I iterate on the life project.

short bio abstract (fixme)

Dayne performs general and technical management, program development, and outreach for GINA. He manages the Statewide Digital Mapping Initiative (SDMI) technical services, the SDMI ortho mosaic program, and acts as the University’s representative on the SDMI technical advisory committee. Dayne Broderson has a background in computer science, linux hackery, system administration and Ruby development before he was pulled into the Satellite, Geospatial Information Systems, Aerial Imagery, LiDAR and Project Management side of GINA.

long bio abstract (writeme)