OSX Setup v1311

This topic got started with my blog post on Cross Platform Produtivity.

System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Modifier Keys -> Capslock as Control

System Preferences -> Mission Control -> Hot Corners : Top Left Application Windows - Top Right Mission Control

System Preferences -> Dock -> Check Automatically hide and show the Dock & Enable Magnification

Disable the dashboard (who uses that?) via terminal

defaults write mcx-disabled -boolean true
killall Dock

Basics - App Store Installs

Basics - Download and Installs

The following are non-AppStore installs:

Advanced Science

Time to get the real magic sauce going that transforms this bucket into a rocket ship. Make sure you got GitHub Mac, XCode and the XCode command line utils already.


This is installed via ruby which OSX 10.9 (Mavericks) ships with ruby2.0.0p247. Awesome enough for that job but not for long.

ruby <(curl -fsSkL
# ... let that do magic
# then general magic follows:
brew doctor  # sanity check brew
brew search  # search for an application
brew install <application-name> # install it
brew list    # list all programs installed 
brew remove <application-name>  # toast it
brew update  # keep your brew happy
cd /usr/local/Cellar # check out your stuff

If all is kosher then time to slam home a pile of tools:

brew install htop moreutils tmux tree


brew install chruby 
brew install ruby-build
ruby-build 2.0.0-p247
chruby 2.0.0-p247


Download the dmg file:

Copy it to your Applications folder and in Finder right click on it to open it.

Then add the following to your .bashrc

if [[ -s $ANNEX_HOME ]]; then


curl -L | sudo bash

2013.11.23: Latest OSX failed. See following gist for the fix: install chef OSX mavericks

*below is unfinished*

more stuff