installing qgis on fedora from git

21 July 2011 - Fairbanks

follow up post for Fedora 15 here

Phase one: dependencies

This is a bit unorganized yum install collection because as I found missing deps I just kept adding to my notes:

yum install cmake flex bison qt4-devel sqlite3-devel qwt-devel \
  git proj-devel geos-devel gdal-devel \
  graphviz graphviz-devel doxygen grass-devel grass \
  compat-expat1 expat-devel gsl-devel PyQt4-devel \
  qt-webkit qt-webkit-devel PyQwt PyQwt-devel

I had: proj, geos, gdal/ogr from the GINA magic ‘mapping tools’ sauce. I’ll document how to get that setup on Fedora in another post.

Phase two: clone repo

mkdir ~/gits
cd ~/gits
git clone
cd Quantum-GIS
mkdir build-master
cd build-master

Phase four: Compile and install

Now you begin the fun process of ccmake:

ccmake ..

You keep pressing ‘c’, if you get an error, fix it. Press ‘c’ until you don’t get errors any more, then you press ‘g’ to generate the makefiles.

Before I pressed ‘g’enerate I set my CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX to be ‘/home/dbroders/apps’ because that is where I wanted my qgis to show up (instead of /usr/local)

mkdir ~/apps
make install

Then to use it (since I installed mine in $HOME/apps) I created my


To wrap up I had that automatically run on login by tossing the following at the end of my ~/.bashrc

. ~/apps/

Life is good, got myself some fancy new qqis fresh from github.