fedora 15 qgis notes

08 August 2011 - Fairbanks

This is a follow up post to my Installing QGIS from git on Fedora with the additional details/changes needed for Fedora 15.


The old dependencies line almost is good enough but a few tweaks are needed. The follow up line:

yum install sqlite-devel # sqlite3-devel gone


Fedora 15’s cmake is a bit different than Fedora 14s. Changed up from the menu system to fully command line parameter passing for this one. For some reason the cmake .. was returning / instead of /usr/lib64/ as it should have for yum installed gdal. Fortunately you can easily tell cmake corrected GDAL_LIBRARY:STRING variable.

mkdir ~/qgis # changed up install location

cmake -L # check out what it will be doing

make install
follow up

Gnome 3 did not please me. I fixed that with:

@sudo yum groupinstall Xfce@

The libtiff library still does not support BigTIFF format (since libtiff-4 is still labeled beta). This meant that I have already (3 days) abandoned the yum installed gdal, proj, libtiff, and partners in favor of the GINA recipe.